1. No franchise fees

You know that “additional” 5%-6% fee you pay on every transaction closed with your current Broker? Yeah, that’s called a “franchise” fee. At Copper Hill it’s 0%, ‘nuff said.

2. Independence

In the city where independence was born, Copper Hill’s biggest competitive advantage is just that … independence. Our independence allows us the creativity to structure our company in a way that’s beneficial for all, and the flexibility to pivot and adapt based on market conditions and trends.

3. Don’t get lost in the shuffle

Some brokerages tout office size as a benefit to “you” as an agent. Contrary to what you’ve heard, that may not be the case. An analogy, if you will. Compare our industry to classroom sizes. Most parents prefer smaller classroom sizes, due to the level of attention the teacher gives to their kid. At Copper Hill, we believe the same thing. More one-on-one attention is better for your success!

4. Focused on Building Relationships

After careful discussion and planning, Copper Hill chose a simple approach to determining our Core Focus: “Building Genuine Relationships.” Everything we do, every day, supports the relationships we have built over time. Our focus is on the relationship, not on the transaction.

5. Office Location

Copper Hill was originally headquartered at 15th & Ranstead, across from City Hall.

After outgrowing our office space, we chose to strategically locate our new/expanded office space in the heart of Philadelphia’s most popular zip code, 19103. Now that we are at 18th & JFK, we’re 1 block from the train, 1 block from plenty of parking garages, and our entire ground floor is top-notch retail: Misconduct, City Fitness, Square One, and more.

Great for clients, great for closings, and great for you!

6. Close Interaction with Leadership

While some brokerages give you “just enough”information for your real estate business, we firmly believe in sharing “everything” you need to successfully grow your real estate business.

Copper Hill’s open-door culture provides you with consistent access to its 3 co-founders, who built their individual businesses and independent real estate brokerage from the ground up.

Mentorship abounds!

7. Growth Opportunities “With Us, Not For Us”

At Copper Hill, we know that people work harder and are more passionate about their work when everyone is working toward the same goal.

As an independent real estate brokerage, one of our ongoing goals is growth; not only as a company, but as individuals.

As it says on our website, “Always Going, Always Growing.” Thus, we want our agents to grow with us, not for us.

8.Competitive + Incentivized Commission Structure

At Copper Hill, we strive every day to find “win-win”situations for our team. That is why we offer competitive, incentive-based commission opportunities to every agent we meet.

Not only does it reward new agents looking to learn and grow, but it also incentivizes seasoned agents who work hard, grow their books of business, and stay loyal to our company. On top of that, we meet with local top producers regularly who are looking for a better opportunity than what their current brokerage can give them, and that is where we also shine.

Our motto is, “If it makes sense, and it’s a win-win, let’s do it!”

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